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my art:
my deviantart has literally all my art on it all the way back to embarrassing fanart from 2009 that I haven’t deleted
my tumblr has most of my art on it
my portfolio has examples of my best work

my instagram is for the art that is for sale on my redbubble store
my redbubble store is full of shirts and apparel and products with my art on it

my comic:
Little More Than Waitstaff is a comic about overworked waitstaff that I started in 2012. It's both a comic strip and series. I update once a week.

my other stuff:

my twitter has personal news and memes and some art 
my Ko-Fi! is where you can support me with small donations 

my writing:

my author site has links to my published writing


I'll do art commissions of almost anything, especially original characters, fan art, and logos. Check out my portfolio for examples. I can take one or two art commissions a month. Feel free to inquire at any time!

Email me here: jessica_staricka(at)yahoo(dot)com

I lack formal pricing because the commissions I take are so various. I'll commit to a price before I begin. A complex artwork will run $30-$60. Character art (with no background, priced per character) is as follows:

half-body = $8
full-body = $12

half-body = $10
full-body = $15

You can pay me through Paypal, Venmo, or Ko-Fi. The order of operations is that I’ll finish the piece, ask for payment, receive payment, then send the art your way!

about me

instead of a traditional “about me” section, please enjoy these demonstrative candid photos: